NYC Sustainable brands Gift Guide 2020

NYC Sustainable brands Gift Guide 2020

Here at Everymeadow Studio. , we believe in connection—the opportunities to create beautiful, intimate, vulnerable moments and memories with the people around us is the key to unity. During these trying times, we understand that fostering our physical connections is difficult. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we must find new ways to stay connected. Even if we can’t be with our loved ones that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to reach out and show our appreciation for them. 

That’s why this year, we thought it would be best to partner with eight wonderful, local NYC and Brooklyn based, sustainably focused brands that also value connection, integrity, and the simplicity that this life has to offer, for our 2020 Gift Guide! We wanted to partner with other NYC based brands because we are all members of the same community and want to lend our support to them in what can feel like very dividing times. 

So, sit back, brew a warm cup of coffee and stay awhile. 

  1. Golde

The first, Brooklyn based brand we have is Golde! Golde specializes in beautiful, fine jewelry that can be classified as ‘modern heirlooms.’ What you order today is what you can expect ten years down the line. Their jewelry is here to stay, made to last and will make you feel elegant and refined. And they don’t discriminate—they create jewelry for both women and men, so that everybody can express themselves with the gift of accessorizing. If you order by November 29th, you are guaranteed to receive your gift by Christmas!

Shop Golde NY  

2. Dynasty George 

Dynasty George is a Latina owned clothing brand that is not only ethically made and sustainably sourced, but handmade, as well. A personal touch is embedded in each and every order, giving it not only individuality, but a connection from producer to wearer. It exudes intimacy, a relationship here to stay. Dynasty George also nurtures creativity and sisterhood! Their platform is used to create relationships and form bonds, not to destroy them. In meeting and supporting new people we can create, collaborate, and spread this message! It’s a magical experience that emanates positivity, something you can feel when you wear their apparel. 

 Shop Dynasty George

3. Tangible New York

The face of Tangible New York, Jessie Smith is a fabulous illustrator that creates prints inspired by the “places that make NY feel like home,” as she so beautifully states. New York City is large and sometimes overwhelming, but Jessie does a beautiful job at capturing a singular location, and allowing you to feel the mood, the sense of familiarity that it holds and reminding you to cherish the city and everything it creates. Place your orders by December 14th, to ensure that they get to you by Christmas! 

Shop Tangible NY 

4. Mardu 

Mardu specializes in building the most elegant leather belts on the market. They believe that belts should not be an afterthought, but as another tool to express your individuality. The leather is ethically sourced, and the buckles are interchangeable so the wearer can get the most use out of a singular belt. It is both a thoughtful and sustainable choice.

 Shop Mardu NYC 


ELMNTL is for the “modern woman who exudes style and confidence.” It was founded on the premise of sustainability. When shopping with ELMNTL, you are investing in yourself while also investing in those that manufacture your beautiful item. It's easy for us to don our less favorable outfits when we are lounging at home or going to bed but ELMNTL is here to change that narrative, reminding us that we are allowed to dress beautifully and comfortably and still make efforts to be sustainable. Every product is made from high quality material, morally and ethically manufactured utilizing 3D print technology. Their products are guaranteed to last you years to come, not only due to the quality but because it is impossible to absolutely fall in love with at first sight. 


6.Tania Whalen Ceramics 

Buying things for the sake of beauty and only beauty can result in buyer’s remorse, but when you add in functionality, you can never go wrong. That’s how I feel when I view Tania Whalen’s pieces. Every ceramic piece has a purpose, whether it is to house blossoming flowers or capture tea. Another beautiful aspect of her brand is again, the individuality and the connection. Not one piece is an exact replica of another—it will always be different in some way, adding personality to the item. The individualization strengthens the connection between the buyer and the consumer, something that I think we all cherish nowadays. 

 Shop Tania Whalen Ceramics 


Apprvl is a wonderful brand that focuses on the importance of natural dyes, implementing and exploring traditional dyes and techniques into her products. If you think about it, almost every article of clothing is dyed at some point in the process of its creation.  The founder of Apprvl, Megan Mussari acknowledged the harmful effects synthetic dyes and made it her mission to seek out alternatives and give us quality pieces with an individual touch. When you shop from Apprvl, you are “embracing the beauty of human error,” appreciating the differences that occur in nature and accepting it. 



GRAMMAR is all about simplicity, the definition of “a modern minimalist wardrobe.” Each article of clothing serves a necessary function, working within the parameters of utility. Every item is crafted with appreciation and admiration of women and their forms, in mind. GRAMMAR shirts not only exude elegance and make you feel good as a result, it also makes you feel good because when you wear their items, you are wearing 100% organic cotton, with no pesticides or other toxic chemicals being absorbed by your body. Your health, and the health of the workers that are bringing your piece into a tangible product is being protected and prioritized. The selflessness in that is something to be admired. 


9. everymeadow Studio.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely everymeadow Studio! Founders, Nolan and Grace Hatfield produce beautiful leather backpacks, purses and wallets, all ethically sourced and eco-friendly. The leather is always a byproduct from another industry, and instead of letting it sit in a landfill that ultimately harms our world, it is repurposed into the beautiful bags and wallets you see here. Every item is made to order, all handmade and hand-stitched in Brooklyn, and made to last a lifetime (or two). 

 Shop everymeadow studio.

Thank you for reading! Good luck on your search for the perfect gift, and remember to nurture your relationships, especially during these trying times. We all need it. 


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