Leather Care

Overtime leather gets even more beautiful as it develops a rich patina. It will naturally start to lose its oils and tend to look drier. We suggest using a cream or oil based balm, that will also help waterproof your product. Smiths Leather balm, is a non toxic leather conditioner designed to restore and protect leather. It's handmade in Maine and only uses 3 organic ingredients. You can check it out here

Leather has oils and natural waxes which make it water resistant. However we don't recommend exposing your leather product to heavy rain, or using water to clean it. Treat it with care. Use natural bristle brushes to clean it, avoid synthetic brushes. 

With wear, your bag will get scratches over time. We fully embrace them and love the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy of life in our brand. We have fully adopted this mindset into our brand and how we make our products. Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."