About everymeadow


everymeadow is a design studio comprised of two visual storytellers who communicate through the art of photography, video, writing and styling with a line of products that embrace these stories. We see beauty in everything, from the art of homemaking to what we wear and invite you into the journey of creating a rich, artful life. Our eyes are always looking to find the loveliness in every moment and the details of things overlooked in our oftentimes busy lives.

everymeadow exists to seek and discover deep, meaningful appreciation for the stone unturned.


We believe that beauty exists throughout all the earth. 

From the spring flowers to the stillness of the winter air. Beauty lies in wait for us to find it in everything we encounter. We want to continuously seek it out. We also believe that the earth has been given to us to steward, so our desire is to seek out ways to nurture and care for her. Sustainability first starts in ourselves, where we make choices that move us to a more naturalistic lifestyle. Closer to the world around us, closer to each other, and closer to ourselves. 

Our design process starts with this ethos

We ethically source the most natural and beautiful materials by way of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In an effort to cultivate a greater awareness, we maintain a transparent approach and are devoted to improving the life of each design with greater care. 

Inspired by the ease and simplicity of the English countryside and celebration of nature from the Romantic Era, each collection shares a timeless beauty and color palette suitable for every season. 

Born out of a shared dream, everymeadow is founded by husband and wife Nolan & Grace Hatfield.