Our Leather

We ethically source the most natural and beautiful leather, by way of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. In an effort to cultivate a greater awareness, we maintain a transparent approach and are devoted to improving the life of each design with greater care.
The leather we use is ethically sourced leather. The animals are not raised for the purpose of leather but used for food, as farm animals. It's a byproduct from another industry, which would normally go to waste and end up in landfills.
We use Veg-tanned leather, which is a full grain leather known for its natural strength and durability. Our leather has no protective finish. It's completely natural and unfinished, with color variations that vary from hide to hide. Each hide has natural occurring imperfections found in the leather which makes each product unique and one of a kind. It also develops a rich patina as it ages which creates a worn lived in finish. 
The veg- tanning process is an ancient, eco friendly process. The U.S leather tannery we use has been certified by the Leather Working Group and has received an environmental certification. They treat their own wastewater. No harmful chemicals are involved in the tanning process. 
Our Italian leather comes from a family owned business that started over 40 years ago in Italy. This Italian tannery is known for their premium vegetable tanned leathers. They pride themselves in respecting and protecting their land and environment, and keeping their traditions alive. They are known for their authenticity and deliver superb quality. 
Our products are all handmade and hand-stitched which makes them environmentally friendly. We make and ship all of our products here in the U.S, with a small team based out of Brooklyn, NY. 
We minimize waste by making quality products that you won't have to replace but in fact will last you a lifetime. When you make a purchase, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a sustainable product that is timeless and will only get better with age.