Our Favorite films

Our Favorite films

Every single one of us is an accumulation of the art that we consume. Ask a person what their favorite show, movie, or painting is—what is it that they absolutely adore? Ask them about it, and I guarantee that you will see the works influence on them as a person. You will see how it has shaped them into the people they are today. To me, that is truly one of the fascinating things of the human experience. We are all variations of our experience, forming our own communities with this one common bond. It is also fascinating because it's something that cannot be faked—it's authentic; a genuine representation of the person, which makes it even more intimate.

When pondering with this thought, or theory, I decided to ask Grace what some of her and her husbands favorite films and television shows are, and in the discussion, it was evident that their own warm and wholesome demeanor was just as authentic as I believed, simply based off of the answers given.

Grace, Nolan and everymeadow, as a whole embody the English countryside aesthetic which is why it is no surprise that the films they mentioned made the following list:

1. Pride and Prejudice

2. Far from the Madding Crowd

3. Lord of the Rings 


4.Sense and Sensibility


5. Little Women


7. Victoria 

8. Bridgerton

9. The Count of Monte Cristo 

10. War Horse 

All of these films and television shows are not only beautifully warm and inviting, but they are also incredibly authentic and serious. Mixed with the innocence and excitement of love, youthful pleasures and selfishness, we are also met with the challenges of being an adult, and the hardship we experience as we are met with new dilemmas and expectations due to our race, class, gender, etc. The wonderful aspect of these pieces of art is that despite the hardship faced, the characters that we grow to know and love always keep their integrity, and authenticity. The honesty is admirable in these films because it shows resiliency. It does not sugarcoat the difficult parts of life, it highlights them. It reminds the audience that they are not alone in this; it creates a sense of community in a place that otherwise would not have been found.

And community is necessary, so being able to form that is beautiful and ethereal. It creates an environment so inviting; one that mimics the peaceful aura that rests within a quiet morning on the country side.

Imagine an insurmountable amount of land, open and free with Spanish mustangs trotting along; manes dancing with the wind, lashes and tails misted with the morning fog. The sunrise peers through the hills, and the flowers that inhabit the ground raise their stems and face the sunshine, as if to both Welcome and Thank the sun for giving them another day, another chance to continue growing and to give back to the earth they come from.

As this is happening on the fields, continue to imagine a large porch wrapped around a singular house, that is home to a beautiful couple who spends their mornings drinking coffee and eating breakfast together, peacefully before they embark on a day of duties.

That feeling, that image is what community should feel like, and it is what EveryMeadow embodies as not only individuals, but as a brand and as a company.

Beautiful, affable and enchanting.

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